Standing Khmer Style Bronze Ganesha

Product Code: Ref.68 - Country: Cambodia Cambodia

Material: Bronze Dimensions (HxWxD): 54cm x 24cm x 16cm

2,200 — 2,500 USD
Ganesha is the elephant headed son of Shiva. He holds his broken tusk in one hand and collecting sweets with his torso from a bowl in the hand of others. In its early forms in India, Ganesha was associated with fertility. Subsequently he became widely revered as the Remover of obstacles and more generally as Lord of beginnings and Lord of obstacles, patron of Arts and Sciences and the deity of intellect and wisdom.
With serene beauty this beautiful statue is crafted and as such only. Like all of our pieces are unique, it is important to note that the image shown here is (a very close!) representation of the actual piece that will be shipped-in terms of size and appearance. However, the applied patina and deliberate wear shown on the workpiece (if any) will be different from that shown in the image.
The patina applied is representative of antique pieces that can be displayed in national collections in the world. However, as a reproduction does not impact the country's historical legacy by removing national treasures from their original environment.
The piece was designed and made by hand. Our ability to buy large objects, like this one, directed by workshops and local villages ensures that much needed funds are invested in the local community. When you buy these villagers crafts throughout Southeast Asia have benefited.