Ref.P124 - Pre-Columbian ceramic - origin Peru - Nazca civilization 200 B.C. / 400 A.D.

Product Code: Ref.P124 - Country: Peru

Material: Ceramic. (HxWxD): 28x 12.5cm


2,900 — 3,200 USD
Type: Bowl material: Ceramic.
Period: 150/200 A.D. authenticity: Original
Origin: Peru
Pre-columbian polychrome ceramics - Nazca culture.
Superb bowl with floral motifs recalling the Sun, from Nazca culture.
Peru Nazca culture- 150 to 200 A.D.
Rare ceramic in perfect condition - no restoration
This ancient vase has a minor rim chip and a stable spider crack on the base, otherwise intact.
Very rare piece, ceramics from the Nazca culture are few
Dimensions: height 28cm - diameter 12.5 cm