Ref.P123 - Pre-Columbian vase - Nazca civilization. 200 A.D.

Product Code: Ref.P123 - Country: Peru

Material: Ceramic. (HxWxD): 16x 15.5cm


8,700 — 9,200 USD
Type: Vase material: Ceramic.
Period: 200/300 A.D. authenticity: Original
Origin: Peru
Pre-columbian polychrome ceramics - Nazca culture.
Superb vase caliper polychrome ceramic double-necked.
The belly is decorated with a scene depicting a God cutter heads.
Peru Culture Nazca - 200 to 300 A.D.
Rare ceramic in perfect condition - no restoration
Very rare piece, ceramics from the Nazca culture are few
Dimensions: height 16 cm - diameter 15.5 cm
The Nazca culture is characterized by its beautiful polychrome ceramics, painted with at least 8 distinct colors. The passage from painting to painting fire post-pre-slip resin fire marked the end of Paracas-Nazca pottery style and early-style. The use of paint pre-focused slippage meant that a great deal of experimentation took place in order to know which slips produced certain colors. The ceramic forms include double-spout bottles, bowls, cups, vases, forms of effigy and mythical creatures. Archaeologists have excavated polychrome ceramics greatly appreciated among all classes of society Nazca, explaining that it was not only the elite who had access to them. Commoners were able to get these goods through festivals and pilgrimages to Cahuachi. In addition, clays coincide with the chemical signature of polychrome ceramics found throughout the southern region of Nazca were found near Cahuachi. However, there is no substantial evidence of pottery production at Cahuachi. The site was most likely a redistribution Center for pottery.