Ref.A167 - Pre-Columbian vase - origin Ecuador - Jama Coaque culture 500 B.C./500 A.D.

Product Code: Ref.A167- Country: Ecuador

Material: Terracotta (HxWxD): 18.2x 11.5 cm.


5,800 — 6,100 USD
Type: Figurine, Statue material: terracotta
Period: 500 B.C. 500 A.D. authenticity: Original
Origin: Ecuador
Pre-columbian anthropomorphic vase - adouble body - Jama Coaque culture.
Anthropomorphic vase - double bridge body, with a standing Warrior, each hand holding a weapon,
Statuette remains of blue and yellow pigments, contained a seated figure wearing a tembeta, terracotta and ear rings
Ecuador - Jama Coaque civilization - 500 B.C. 500 A.D.
Length 18.2 cm, height 11.5 cm - Excellent condition - slight restoration