Burmese Gold Shwe Zawa Lacquerware Antique Medicine Box

Product Code: Ref.88 - Country: Burma Burma

Material: Lacquerware Dimensions (HxWxD): 44cm x 23cm


3,400 — 3,700 USD


Burmese box Shwe Zawa medicine ca. 19th century. The medicine box is compromised by 13 magazines a larger and twelve smaller compartments. The central compartment is covered by a high Golden Spire – the height which denotes that obvious use on special occasions. Each of the smallest external compartments are topped with a single spirit. Everyone is unique, gilt lined and individual. External compartments of the piece are decorated in a traditional gold Golden mural depicting Burmese spirits.
The twelve small carved figures of NATs can be removed to reveal a hollow tube, which is used to store the herbs, spices and medicine. The largest central spire can be removed to reveal an additional storage compartment. Note: some of the twelve figures hold a gentle fan or a stick. Each of these is complete without damage.
The piece is made of wood and bamboo then covered with lacquer and gold gilt. The delicacy of the work overall, excellent condition and style Golden piece is very unusual and wonderful to behold. A truly wonderful piece and extremely rare.