Bronze Ayutthaya Style Gold Seated Buddha

Product Code: Ref.127 - Country: Thailand Thailand

Material: Bronze Dimensions (HxWxD): 39cm x 23cm x 15cm

1,200 — 1,300 USD


With your fingers lightly touching the ground this position represents the submission of Mara (demon) that Buddha bombarded with demons, monsters, violent storms and the three daughters of seductive. Remaining stops the Buddha has testified to his past meritorious pointing to Earth and calling the earth goddess, Thorani. Rising from the ground and the earth goddess wring water from her long black hair. By this action she raises a torrential downpour that drowned Mara and his army of demons. This gesture reflects this story symbolising enlightenment and firmness and attaining perfection Buddha or nirvana.
This piece of beautiful reproduction is fashioned from bronze using the lost wax method ' and ' given a gold coloring, old. The patina applied is representative of antique pieces that can be displayed in national collections in the world. However, as a reproduction does not impact the country's historical legacy by removing national treasures from their original environment.


The piece was designed and made by hand. Our ability to purchase these remarkable objects directly from local villages and workshops ensure that much-needed funds are invested in the local community and not be profiteering middlemen.