Ref.84 - Guéré mask African Art

Product Code: Ref.84 - Country: Ivory Coast

Material: Wood (HxWxD): 55cm


5,500 — 5,900 USD
Type: Mask material: wood
Period: 20th century authenticity: Original
Origin: Africa
Height 55,00 CM
Product description
Hides little. Ancient coin over 40 years. Delivered on base.
The Guéré refers to an ethnic group in Ivory Coast, living in the Western region of the country, near Liberia. It is installed in the departments of Bangolo, Duékoué, Guiglo and Toulépleu and lived in Éburnie for more than seven centuries. If this people lives today mainly between the Cavalla River (border Liberian), the Sassandra River (in East) and South of the 18 mountain regions, in the past it was located further to the North, in the current country Dan, but was gradually forced to hide in the forest that characterizes his region, to cause mainly Mandingo's 17th-century invasions.


The Wobes and the Guéré in reality constitute one people, the people We, artificially divided by the French colonial administration.
However, very commonly used by the Ivorians and the Guéré themselves, hardly any term is subject to controversy, since it is a term created by the settlers during the exploration and administration of remote areas of the Côte d'Ivoire colony. This term, such as Wobé, is actually an interpretation or a misunderstanding of translation, or guides who accompanied the settlers either settlers themselves.


These "Little" and "Wobé" terms considered colonial terms, indeed never existed in the language we, and as such are never used by older persons from the country we. Of many people from this region, young or older, don't support also on call them little or Wobé, non-existent words in the language we, and above all, absolutely humiliating terms only to the memory of their ancestors invaded by french settlers, at the time of the colonial conquest. [citation needed] Many people, including Wes continue to refer as Guéré.
Original piece over 40 years. Livery on base.
African art, African mask
Piece delivered with an invoice and a certificate of authenticity.