Ref.81 - Djimini mask African Art

Product Code: Ref.81 - Country: Ivory Coast

Material: Wood (HxWxD): 39cm


5,700 — 5,900 USD
Type: Mask origin: Africa
Period: 20th century authenticity: Original
Height 39.00 CM
Product description


Mask Djimini of Côte d'Ivoire. Ancient coin over 30 years. Piece on base.


The Islamic communities living from their trade and their craft in vast areas of the North of the Ivory Coast, where they mingle with non-Muslim populations, have an institution called do or lo, which manifests itself in public mainly through high masked dances in color. In the Bondoukou region, which was once an important centre of trade, this tradition of the mask is spread among the Hwela, the Diulá and Ligbi who speak a language request. Since the 1950s, we indeed witnessing a decline in the use of the mask, a practice linked to the celebration of major Islamic holidays, including to the Eid-el-fitr festivities, which mark the end of ramadan. It is indeed through the exhibition masks, which starts late afternoon and which is accompanied by songs and dances, that the faithful traditionally express the joy that gives them the breaking of the fast. This classical mask reminds by its shape masks kpeliye'e of the Senufo, the rest likely inspired by this type of mask. The grace of the facial features, the accuracy of execution of scarifications on the forehead and cheeks, the attention to the hairstyle - similar to the one that Muslim women wear the feast days - help make this mask the representation of an ideal of feminine beauty. To complete this picture, masks are oiled, masked, and adorned with gold and silver, jewellery until the masked dancers wrapped party costumes, do their show.


African art, African mask
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