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C.S Pozzi de Ferraris Espinosa, is the granddaughter of Mr. L.D Espinosa Arribillaga*, former Minister Plenipotentiary near UNESCO - Paris  . C.S Pozzi de Ferraris Espinosa, artist and art historian, has been specializing in Indian, Himalayan, Southeast Asian Art & Pre-Columbian Art from the Andean region for over 11 years, becoming one of the New private dealers in the field.

In 2007, Mrs Pozzi de Ferraris Espinosa is associated with Guillaume J.A. Bresso.
G.j.A. Bresso is a french anthropologist, art historian, experienced copyist and able latinist. He is recognized in deciphering logograms and interpreting art and iconography.  His research interests include the African and Oceanic societies, cultures of  Mesoamerica,  Middle East  & Southeast Asia.
The year 2012 announced the opening of "GB & Associates - International fine Art Dealer - Art advisory - Artisan'' ; a House of Art dedicated to promoting the understanding of primitive societies and ancient cultures.

Our extensive inventory includes ancient artefacts and replicas from:

  • South America, with particular emphasis on Peru/Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina.
  • Africa, with particular emphasis on Benin, Cameroon, Gabon/Congo, Niger, Mali, Togo and Sudan.
  • Indian, Himalayan & Southeast, with particular emphasis on  Cambodia Laos, Thailand, and southern Vietnam.
  • We also handle ceramics, work made of clay and stone works from the Middle East, (Iran, Irak, Syria and Jordan) .

Our clients can include private collectors and museums around the world. We handle works in all price ranges and can provide reliable authentication services according to our fee schedule.

We make sure that the replicas, new creations and artifacts we deal in are not overly restored. Our policy is to clearly state to the best of our ability any conservation work that has been carried out on an item in the item descriptions online.

In the context of the protection of the national cultural heritage, some works of art or cultural property subject to special export regulations. For more information about "International Conventions and Laws", please consult our advice section.

Our relics may originate from private collectors, reputable dealers, estates, and have been legally acquired in accordance with all federal regulations and international law and treaties.
Because of legal difficulties to acquire antiques prior to the 19th century, we offer replicas and art objects made by local artisans or producted by our Workshop.
These objects are of three types:
  • From identical reproductions by technique of molding on the original work.
  • From unique works of local workshops, whose techniques comply with the rules of the art of ancient cultures sought regionally specific.
  • From singular Art affirming its continuity with its historic  predecessors that the aspect of our productions merges with the antique artefacts.
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Our studies have resulted in the opening of a new department dedicated to the production of jade and fine stones masks.
All Crafts and Visual Arts are entirely hand-painted, ornamented, and adorned with genuine gold leaves. We create, together with the artists, The artists make all the matrices, engobes, enamels and natural colors.

Today, the manufacturing of colors is mainly industrial, and does not reflect the creative talents of the past days.
Our studies and our empirical experiences satisfy our need understand older civilizations and to enjoy the work of creative human imagination through the centuries.
With the encouragement of Masters O.Ricciardi* and G.j.A.Bresso*, the technical team therefore set out to find the secret of the " proper colours of long ago ".
In this way,  the artists source from the last European, Indo-Chinese  and mesoamerican craftsmen that have maintained or they have taken up the traditional manufacturing processes in order to obtain colours as they were centuries ago.
The Art house works with a pallet of 84 nuances.

Colours are manufactured exclusively of carefully selected natural pigments from around the world. The way they are  ground finely and slowly on stone cylinders confers them a quality and an unequalled purity.

Some of our new creations are accessible and available for consultation on the Homepage > Publication "New Productions 2018"


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We authenticate objects using this type of stylistic criteria:
Improper glyphs. Errors in copying from original models, which would have been recognized by an expert who had seen the originals.
Mixing of stylistic elements from two separate cultures or time periods. Training-primitiveness crafting intentionally an artwork with skill badly in an attempt to make it appear primitive, when in fact the culture should represent had high quality craftsmanship.
Unrealistic stylistic departure from the Canon of culture the forger is trying to imitate, in an attempt to make a piece to look more rare.
When necessary, we will work with other experts and academics in a specific area in order to assess the value of an object.
We appreciate your interest and the time you have taken to consult our Work. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding our craftsmanship.
Our Art is above all, a lasting cultural solidarity and a deep knowledge which can Illuminate the way of our common destiny.
The Directorate.